Bridging the Present to the Past

Bridging the Present to the Past
By: Ryan Tate
Old Appleton, MO - A $500,000 bridge will connect both sides of Old Appleton, the same way it did for more than 100 years. Flash Flood waters washed away the bridge back in 1992, and since then, groups have been trying to bring it back.
"[Some old folks] said they always felt it separated the town. They felt united before, you could walk across it to talk to each other, and they hope to get that back." Mayor Kevin Amschler said.
The city asked for bids on a new bridge over the last couple of years, but it wasn't until this year that a company came through with a bid low enough for everyone. The Missouri Department of Transportation will pay for 80% of the project, with the city paying 20%. Amschler says most of the city's money will come from private donations. In all, the city will pay for $20,000 of the project.
Amschler says the new bridge will be made of steel from the old bridge. He expects the project to be completed in November.