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Heartland couple returns from Haiti ahead of Hurricane Matthew

(Source: Jimmy Wilferth/KFVS) (Source: Jimmy Wilferth/KFVS)
(Source: Jimmy Wilferth/KFVS) (Source: Jimmy Wilferth/KFVS)

Jimmy Wilferth got back from Haiti about two weeks before it was struck hard by Hurricane Matthew.

He said while he was there no one knew a Category 4 hurricane had Haiti in its sights.

"Haitians are resilient, they are," he said.

Wilferth describes people in Haiti as the type of people that can come back from anything.

"I don't know that they have recovered from the earthquake. You don't have to go very far outside of Port Au Prince to see earthquake damage and just ruble and they're living in it," he said.

On Tuesday, Haiti faced another challenge, Hurricane Matthew.

"Most of these Haitians have no clue what's even coming, they're just going about normal business and tonight a hurricane is going to hit 100 mph winds and my home is going to blow away they have no way to prepare even if they did know," Wilferth said.

He said homes were flooded from an ordinary thunderstorm when he was there. 

"Most of them are a cinder block structure that's maybe 10 by 10, by 8 feet tall with no roof on them. There might be a window over here but there's no glass over it," Wilferth said.    

And he expects the hurricane is going to be tough, for everyone.

"With no police force, there's no government with very little income and a high degree of desperation that's about the best definition of chaos that I could imagine throw 40-inches of water on that with no water no food, that's tough."

Wilferth said after the hurricane the people will have to pick up the pieces, once again.

"Your defending for yourself you're watching out for your own back and your families and then at the end of it all you pick up."

He said he plans on going back again to help in the future.

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