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Thousands show up for Cape Girardeau flea market

(Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS)

Thousands of people were in Downtown Cape Girardeau on Sunday, October 2 to attend the Tailgate Flea Market and area stores.

More than 100 vendors, along with live music, filled areas across downtown. The flea market featured a lot of local vendors selling arts and crafts, antiques, baked goods and more.

Many vendors said they were to using the event to help their boost their personal businesses or hobbies.

For Haley Pilsner of Cape Girardeau, she had a table set up selling baked goods. Pilsner said her hobby turned into an online business called Sister Sweets over two years ago and she and her sister have been baking ever since.

Pilsner and her sister primarily sell online so they rarely get to meet customers before the orders take place.

"We've had some people come up saying they have heard about us, they've seen our products before but didn't know how to find us," Pilsner said. "They're happy that we're here because they saw our cards, they can see it first hand."

Pilsner said she feels this was an opportunity to get her business name out there more than it was for sales. However, she does say that extra money helps.

"We honestly enjoy it more than it helps us," Pilsner said. "This is something we just love to do. We love to get the bakery products out there. My sister is a stay at home mom so it helps her a lot, helps her with her girls. She can stay at home and take care of her three girls and work at the bakery."

Pilsner wasn't the only one who took their hobby to the next level though. Emily Colbert said she tried to sell the rest of her Mary Kay stock to help with expenses with her new photography business.

"It's just to get started," Colbert of Cape Girardeau said. "It's a little expensive. So I needed a way, an avenue, to bring in a little bit of revenue to help me buy a camera and any kind of other equipment like that."

While a lot of these vendors were from the immediate local area, others had to travel a little bit farther to try and get their business name out there.

Katina Beane has a store in Marion, Illinois called Katina's Beauty and Fashion Boutique. She said she feels it will benefit her business, helping her to reach more people from outside of her area..

"With everyone out here, it just helps promote my business even better," Beane said. "Just meeting people, getting my name out there, local people. That way we can bring to the community here and to the Marion area as well."

Many shoppers who attended said they want to spend more money at local small town businesses to keep the money circulating locally.

"We like to keep Cape Girardeau going and keep it popular," Jane Lohmann said. "They say it's grown a lot since I was young so it's neat that there's a lot of things going on downtown."

The event was presented by the Downtown Merchants Group of Cape Girardeau to showcase the shopping and other experiences of what Downtown Cape Girardeau has to offer.

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