A $10.00 gas cap gizmo. Will it make life at the pump painless? Or will it just leave you fuming?

We've all seen it happen, people driving away from the gas station and their gas caps tumble to the ground. But you may not ever have to deal with disappearing gas caps again. The next time you fill up, imagine instead of messing with your smelly gas cap, you twist in a new cap and never touch it again. You fill up right through the flap in Perma-cap. Or at least that's the claim.

I slid the gas nozzle through Perma Cap and into the tank. It didn't feel like the nozzle went in as far as normal. But all it takes is for the gas nozzle to push through two flaps -- the gas cap, and the unleaded flap inside the tank itself. Then the only thing you have to worry about is the price at the pump! We ask another gas station customer to try Perma Cap on his pick-up.

"I think it works fine," says Jerry Ragan of Makanda. "All the times you see people driving away without their cap. It's almost happened to me. Something like this would really make it easy. Nothing different to get used to. It's actually easier."

And all the times the gas spills out all over your hands, clothes, and car... Gone... Perma-cap's pretty much a permanent seal against it. So no more smelly hands, wet gas caps on the hood of your car, or caps careening off to never-never land. And the flap is pretty sturdy, so it should reseal after use.

It truly eliminates the need to mess with your cap when filling up! So we give the Perma Cap an 'A+.'

If you want to buy a Perma-Cap you can order one online by clicking here.