9/29/16 - The New Guy

9/29/16 - The New Guy

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

I'm Scott Thomas, the new Vice President and General Manager of KFVS12. You might say I'm the new guy. That's what everyone here at the station has been calling me, even though I've been at KFVS12 as Director of Sales for nearly two years. And though not originally from the Heartland, my family has called Missouri home for more than 12 years.

Being the GM of KFVS12 is a great honor and privilege. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to lead this great station. And I look forward to serving the communities in the heartland and our viewers.

So, as the new guy, you will be hearing more from me as I present our station's ViewPoint. I believe one of the most important responsibilities of KFVS12 is to give a stronger voice to our communities. We provide a forum for opinions, suggestions, recommendations, and questions on topics that matter to you. These editorials are intended to be an agent for change and improvement in our communities. I understand the issues facing our community and I have a passion about this responsibility and look forward to the spirited debate they will encourage.

But, I'm not in this alone, because my opinion is not the only one that matters.  I've assembled an editorial board made up of KFVS12 employees;  veterans and rookies, news, sales, and engineers, the people who make this place tick.  Our board will work together to tackle the issues most important to you. And here's the best part.  We want you to be involved.  We want your suggestions, your feedback, and yes, even your criticism.

Now, there will be times when our ViewPoint will bring out some very strong opinions and sometimes we will even take a stand on an issue.
I believe that's what you expect from KFVS12 and that's what you can expect from me, the new guy. So let me know what's on your mind.  Is there something going on your community that needs to changed or an organization that needs to be recognized or highlighted?

Talk to us online, by phone or email at viewpoint@kfvs12.com. I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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