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39 Weeks - "When are you going to have that baby?"

Week 39 – “When are you going to have that baby?”

Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that question the last few weeks!  It’s a question I can’t answer!  It’s up to this little girl when she wants to arrive.  Luckily this week I feel really great!  I got my first case of nesting this past weekend.  I vacuumed out my car and scrubbed every nook and corner of the inside of it!  You can’t bring a new baby home in a dirty car right?!!!  That must be my father coming out of me because his car is ALWAYS spotless.  For some reason the dozens of random cheerios haven’t bothered me for the last year…but Sunday they had to go!  No ifs, ands or buts.  Let me remind you it was still 90 degrees on Sunday.  So, I was a sweaty mess after I was done, but oh it’s so worth it.  The second car seat is finally in and ready to go!  Every night I’ve been knocking a couple things off my “to do” list and it’s quickly dwindling. 

I’ve been having lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions the last few days and I’ve really noticed this little girl is getting lower and lower.  My doctor says I’m 1 cm dilated and she can feel the baby’s head so it seems like any day now we could have another baby!  I can’t believe she’s almost here!  For some reason, two kids seems so grown up.  I’ve been a mom for almost 2 years now…but a mother of TWO just sounds so much more adult-like!  I’m really starting to get excited to meet this sweet little girl but also feeling a little nostalgic about pregnancy almost being over.  Even though this pregnancy has been a little tougher than my first, I’ve overall had a pretty good pregnancy.  I’m going to miss having this sweet little girl all to myself but I’m beyond ecstatic about the thought of having her in my arms for the world to see.  I’m thinking I’ll have her on October 4, 5 or 6 but who knows!  We may not have a name for you yet but we are ready whenever you are sweet girl!

And by the picture you can see if the baby doesn't come soon...I may be covering up our Kentucky counties soon!  LOL!

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