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Tech Tuesday: safety apps for women

Safety is top concern for women everywhere, and new phone apps are making it easier to not only feel safe if you have to walk alone at night, but also be safe. Many of them are free.

The Livesafe app can track your GPS location at all times, and make an emergency call to local police with the touch of a button.

"The 911 system doesn't traditionally have the ability to track a student and know their exact location and continue that tracking once the call is ended or once the call is made," says Tom Saccenti, president of the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators.

Kitestring will time your walk, alerting friends or family if you don't check in after a certain time.  

The SafeTrek app is an emergency app that lets you alert the police when you are in an unsafe situation, but with a fail-safe in case you don't need help.

React Mobile will allow you to send an emergency message through text, email, even Twitter or Facebook, including your GPS coordinates.  

While the Safecaster app can live stream and record video in an emergency.  

The bSafe app can be used to privately alert friends that you’ve arrived at your destination, send info about your changing GPS location and even setup fake phone calls to slyly escape uncomfortable dates and similar situations.

Search and Rescue professionals designed the Bugle app primarily for runners, hikers, cyclists and others that don't want to take their phone with them when they're out. Users set how long they're going to be gone and where they are going, and if they don't check in with their phone within that time limit, it automatically alerts their emergency contacts by email and text. It's great if you'll be away from your phone while exercising, and if you are going on a blind date, meeting someone from a Craigslist ad, or any other situation where you may be meeting a stranger.

These apps are not meant to replace 911, but safety experts say they can be another layer of protection. 

"No one's going to be able to use this app to prevent crime from occurring," Saccenti says  "What the app will do is it will foster an environment of safety on our campus so that people are reporting things to us and engaging the police department."

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