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Threefold approach to fight flabby thighs

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For women, the thighs are often a trouble area.
Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson says it is something she gets questions about all the time. 

“I have a threefold approach to fixing that area,” Crowson said. “The first is diet because part of the reason we have that inner thigh jiggle is too much body fat. So we’ve got to pay attention to what’s going in our mouth.”

Her rule of thumb is to stick with whole foods and try to limit processed foods.

“The other approach is to increase your movement throughout the day.” Crowson said. “Even if it’s not exercise or the gym.” 

That could be anything, whether it is taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking towards the back of the parking lot.

“Third is to strengthen and tone the muscles that are under the fat,” Crowson said. 

She shares two exercises you can do at home that can help any fitness level. 

1.)    Inner thigh squeeze: For this exercise you will need a rolled up blanket or towel. 

“Sit in a chair, feet on the floor, put whatever you’re using between your thighs,” Crowson said. “You’re just going to squeeze and hold.  So the tighter you hold and the longer you hold the more your muscle will contract and the quicker you’ll get firm there.”

2.)    Inner thigh leg raise:  This exercise is done lying on your side.

“Put your legs together,” Crowson said. “One important thing to remember here is to not let your hips roll backwards or forwards. You should keep them stacked right on top of each other. Take your top leg, bending your knee and placing it on the floor in floor of you.  You’re going to flex this foot (bottom leg).  Keep the inside of your knee facing the ceiling and just lift that bottom leg.”

Crowson says you can either do some pulses or full range of motion.  

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