Opportunities for Nurses with their Hand on the Pulse of the Job Market

The nurses will tell you their job isn't an easy one, but it's the reward they get from helping people that keeps many of them going. "It's hard work right now, but it's rewarding profession," says registered nurse Cindy Raganyi. " You truly get to work with the patient and use your brain," says registered nurse Debbie Hine.

But with the nursing shortage going on and expected to get worse, it's become a job that is now offering even more perks and security to help attract and keep nurses. "Everyone needs nurses, so what we're seeing is salaries go up and job security unlike it's ever been in the past," says chief nursing operator at Southeast Hospital, Karen Hendrickson.

In fact some Heartland hospitals are even advertising what they'll offer you to come on board. One St. Francis Medical Center Advertisement offers tuition reimbursement, payment for continuing education, and a sign on bonuses. "We also offer current employees a bonus for recruiting new nurses to St. Francis Medical Center," says vice-president of patient services at St. Francis, Jeannie Fadler.

And when it comes to job security, health workers say that's pretty much guaranteed. "I've never seen the kind of opportunity for nurses for employment as there is for nurses today," says Hendrickson.

And the job security is expected to get even better as the demand for nurses is expected to rise in the coming years.