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38 Weeks - I'm living in denial

Week 38 – Denial

I’ve realized I’m living in denial.  I’m in denial that I’m going to have a newborn oh so soon!!!  I’m less than two weeks from my due date but it still doesn’t feel real that soon I will be holding a tiny baby.  Although it was only two years ago, it seems like a lifetime ago that I was in the “newborn” stage.  This time two years ago, I was busy reading every last delivery blog, baby sleep book and pinning newborn tips on Pinterest like crazy.  This time around I haven’t done any of these!  I’m really hoping it all comes back to me because right now it feels like I’ve forgotten everything!  I guess those late night nursing sessions can always be used for finding some tips online right? =)

I say I’m in denial, which is funny to me, because every move I make these days reminds me that I indeed do have a big ole belly with a baby in it!  I’m to that point where I’m even growing out of all my maternity clothes!  Every day when I find something to wear it’s like a little victory.  I’m actually feeling pretty good overall.  I worked mornings last week and battled a sinus infection, which was no fun at all.  This week I’ve moved to nights and not feeling quite as tired as the past couple of weeks.

I’m now seeing my doctor weekly and still measuring right where I should be!  This little baby girl’s heart is beating strong!  I also got to try out a new hand-held ultrasound machine which gave me a little glimpse of my baby.  My doctor said she could see her diaphragm going up and down.  Great to see she is already practicing breathing.  Also she is head down and I feel like she is way down.  I’ve definitely noticed she is lower these past couple of weeks.  She is still rolling around and kicking and I’m soaking up those moments!  I know it will be the biggest thing I miss when I’m not pregnant anymore.  I’m also having lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, but at this point they are just for practice because they aren’t sending me into labor yet. 

Back to the denial thing…ummmmm….we still don’t have a name!!!  I honestly can’t believe we really don’t have a name!  We don’t even really have a short list!!!  Still looking for the perfect fit so if you have any great names let me know!!

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