Does It Work: Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler

Does It Work: Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler
Our tester gave Drop Stop seat gap fillers 5 stars on this Does It Work test. (Source: KFVS)
Our tester gave Drop Stop seat gap fillers 5 stars on this Does It Work test. (Source: KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Do your keys, cell phone, credit card or loose change ever fall down under your car seat?

A product called Drop Stop claims it can keep your eyes on the road and your hands out from under your seat by preventing your stuff from falling in the first place, but does it work?

Drop Stops are foam tubes covered in neoprene with slots through which to slide a seat belt.

Pharmaceutical sales representative Paul Mingus put Drop Stop to the test.

Mingus travels about 4,000 miles per month and the driver's seat is his desk.

"This is my rolling office right here," said Mingus referring to his vehicle. "Once I get it all packed up it's ready to go. Then I hit the road."

However, in his rolling office, Mingus has one constant threat to productivity: the gap between his seat and center console that seems to eat everything he drops.

"It seems like the same black hole that socks in the dryer go through," said Mingus.

Mingus says that black hole once claimed his fuel card. He gave it up for lost and canceled it, only to find it lurking beneath his seat a week later.

"I spent a lot of time digging," said Mingus. "A lot of time underneath the seat, whether I lost the phone, credit card, reading glasses, change, and a pack of gum. Whatever, there was a lot of digging."

Mingus was so frustrated by constantly having to dig that he had a friend make him seat-gap fillers out of foam and black fabric. Mingus's homemade gap fillers are very different from Drop Stop in shape and feel, but the basic idea is the same – stop stuff before it drops.

"I guess I missed my calling from an entrepreneurial standpoint," said Mingus. "We made these a couple years ago because I was having this problem."

Paul swapped out his homemade gap fillers to take Drop Stop for a test drive.

"We have a hole here for the seat belt," said Mingus. "We'll get this tucked in here. It looks like the seat belt pops right up through there."

Once Mingus had Drop Stops in place on both the driver and passenger side, he adjusted his seat.

"This is where my other one had some problems," Mingus said. "Okay, so it's going all the way back, and all the way forward, it's staying in place with the seat belt. It moves well."

Drop Stop went along with Mingus on his daily sales calls.

Midway through the day, Mingus was pumped to see that drop stop prevented his most frequently dropped item from falling beneath the seat.

"Probably the thing I lose the most is my gas card," said Mingus. "And it doesn't fall. [Drop Stop] seems to be pretty tight here so nothing can really get around it."

After a full day of driving, Mingus was pretty pleased with Drop Stop's performance.

"Here we are at the end of the day. I've been dropping stuff all over the place. We have a fuel card, a Kashi bar and some change," Mingus said. "Nothing's fallen down there including the charger for my phone so it's doing all right."

Mingus said Drop Stop is just what he's been looking for.

"Things were not falling down between the seats," said Mingus. "Made my day wonderful."

Mingus gave Drop Stop 5 stars on this Does It Work test.

You can purchase a pair of Drop Stops on for $19.99.

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