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Nations gather to discuss Vietnam's role in rhino poaching crisis

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A massive demand in Vietnam for rhino horn has led to the almost 6,000 slain in South Africa.

Rhino horn for decades has the been the subject for international crime syndicates and eco-terrorists due to its high profitability and unproven medicinal usage in underdeveloped countries.

However, the practice of harvesting the horn has been illegal internationally since 1977 but plenty of countries have ignored the policy.

Vietnam has been the center for Rhino horn distribution for years and the country has done little to enforce the trade but a change may be on the horizon.

182 countries met in South Africa for the 17th Conference of Parties of the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species to discuss threatened species and rhinos were high in the list. 

Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, issued a new directive instructing authorities across the country to take urgent measures to prevent and combat illegal wildlife trade.

In the past, law enforcement and regulation in Vietnam has been lax to say the least but with these new directives, Vietnam has a chance to make real change to save a beloved species from eradication.

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