Carbondale, IL to limit number of gaming machines within city limits

Carbondale City Council approves measure limiting number of gaming machines within city limits

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Carbondale Illinois City Council has approved a measure limiting the number of video gaming machines allowed within city limits.

According to the council's agenda Tuesday night, one of the city's primary goals at this time is to increase curb appeal around town.

"The expansion of video gaming and the accompanying advertisement signs may be detracting from these goals and may actually present a negative image to visitors which could negatively impact growth," the meeting's agenda stated.

Since the machines were locally introduced in 2012, about 69 have popped up around town. The new ordinance limits the city's grand total to 100.

Until Tuesday, any establishment with a liquor license could legally operate a number of the gambling machines.

Larry's House of Cakes is a popular local bakery with franchises in Carbondale and Marion.

Carbondale sells beer and wine there in addition to baked goods. It also features a "21 and over" section where patrons can enjoy gambling machines.

One resident referred to the establishment during Tuesday's meeting, telling the council the machines "give him a sick taste in [his] mouth" when he walks into the bakery.

However, some other customers of the bakery on Tuesday said the machines aren't much of a nuisance at all.

"I honestly don't even notice them when I walk in," Larry's House of Cakes customer Billy Lee said. "I agree that too many could give the city a bad name, however, the ones that are here, I don' think they're hurting anyone."

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