Rail Safety Week reminds people to keep eye out for trains

Rail Safety Week reminds people to keep an eye out for trains

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - So far this year in Missouri there have been 22 accidents between trains and cars resulting in five deaths, according to the Operation Lifesaver, a non-profit organization that aims to reduce railway fatalities.

Of those 22 accidents, 15 occurred at a rail crossing with active warnings. An active warning at a crossing is where the crossing has either lights or crossing guard bars.

Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter said people often forget that trains have the right of way. He also said that the majority of accidents occur when people are trying to beat the trains across the tracks.

Walter also said that people walking on the tracks can be a major concern.

"Where the tracks are located, that's on private property and people don't realize that," Sheriff Walter. "Sometimes people actually get hit and actually walking on the train tracks or crossing the tracks, they don't realize they're actually crossing private property sometimes"

Sheriff Walter said they will write tickets for trespassing if they see people on the tracks. Authorities say the majority of people they see walking on the tracks are photographers.

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