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Flu season: What you should know

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Flu season is approaching and it always leads to the questions like, should you get the flu shot or when? 

There are many misconceptions connected to getting a flu shot each year, but health experts on Tuesday hoped to clear some of them up. 

Vanessa Landers is the Cape County communicable disease coordinator.

"Flu vaccine does not cause you to have the flu," Landers said. "A lot of people believe that that happens, that they get sick once they get it. If they do get sick it's because they maybe were coming down with something else that they may need to see their doctor for!" 

Another common concern: how soon you should get the shot?

Experts said don't play a guessing game.

"As soon as the flu vaccine is available its best to go ahead and be vaccinated," Landers said. "Do you know when you'll be directly exposed to the flu? No one knows that and it takes about two weeks for that vaccine to start. Just because you get vaccinated at this moment doesn't mean you get protection."

Since the virus changes every year, doctors must keep the vaccination up-to-date as well.

This year, eggs will not be included in the vaccine and the flu mist treatment will not be an option.

"It probably not been as effective as it could've been," Landers said. "There was other issues, so they're going back to the basic to the flu vaccine."

As far as the supply of vaccine, Cape County Health Director Jane Wernsman said that's something you will not have to worry about.

"As far as we know there should not be a problem with our flu vaccine supply," Wernsman said. "Sometimes those things change, but from the best of our knowledge we should have an adequate amount of flu vaccine this year."

Wernsman also wants to make clear the Flu and Pneumonia shots are two different shots and are also available all day at the Cape County Health Department.

The Cape County Health Department will be holding flu clinics at several locations.

  • Oct. 6 - Osage Centre, Cape Girardeau
  • Oct. 13 - Delta Community Center
  • Oct. 17 - American Legion, Jackson
  • Oct. 20 - Cape Fire Station #2 Drive Thru
  • Oct. 27 - Jackson Fire Station Drive Thru

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