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Improve balance with these 3 exercises

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Do you struggle with balance?

If so, you are not alone.

Balance is something a lot of people might not think about.

“One thing a lot of people don’t pay attention to is their balance,” fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson said. “Unfortunately, when it goes it often is too late because we fall, things break, and it gets really hard to recover from that once you’re a certain point in your life.”

To keep that from happening, Crowson shares some simple exercise that can really help.

“First thing you can is do is start by holding the back of a chair,” Crowson said. “Lift one foot. Then, I want you to focus on the center of gravity over your ankle. Once you feel that center of gravity, I want you to lift one hand and then both hands.”

Crowson says it is not unusual to only be able to hold it for one or two second, but you will get better.

The next exercise helps improve ankle strength which is very important for balance.

“For this one you’re just going to stand stiff and straight,” Crowson said. “Breathing normally, I want you to just take your body and just swivel it (in a circular movement).”

The final exercise is a heel-toe walk.

“This is probably the most challenging of the three,” Crowson said. “You’re going to start with your feet together. You’re going to take one foot and place it in front of the other with your heel to your toe like you’re walking a tight rope.”

Crowson says the more you can practice using your balance, the less likely you are to lose it as time goes by.

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