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Building a Dream: Community comes together to help Puxico man battling cancer

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It was a Saturday morning, early, just before sunrise.

With the threat of stormy weather moving in, truck after truck quietly pulled into Jerry and Belinda Worthy's driveway.

It was a secret mission that had taken about a year or so to plan.

"There's been several times I almost let it slip," said Belinda Worthy.

It was easy to see that Jerry Worthy was overwhelmed.

In no way did he expect dozens of people at his house by 6 a.m.

"This is unreal," Jerry Worthy said as he looked around in amazement.

Everyone came, just for him.

“Oh my goodness,” said Jerry as he greeted a large crowd at his door.

Jerry really needed his spirits lifted.

In 2015, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

"They removed my pancreas, my gall bladder, bowel duct and part of my small intestine," said Jerry Worthy.

Another tough diagnosis came recently when doctors found cancer on Jerry’s lungs.

He had already gone through months of chemotherapy and radiation.

Jerry has decided, he won't do that again.

Every man has a dream.

In Jerry's case, to make his homestead complete he would like to have a workshop.

"It's really a surprise, didn't know what to think this morning," said Jerry as he got emotional addressing the full group.

Getting sick meant putting his dream on hold, until now.

Dozens of friends, neighbors and church members all came to finish what Jerry started.

"We're trying to put a bright light in a dark world is what we're trying to do," said William Parsley, project volunteer.

"Jerry's been a good friend for a long time,” said Bob Blair-project volunteer. “He'd help me do anything."

That is a sentiment echoed by many. Jerry would normally be the one to step up and help others.

It was hard for him to not be involved.

"He never sits still,” said Belinda Worthy, Jerry’s Wife. “He never sat still until he got sick and that's been a hard thing for him because he has to sit still and can't do the things he wants to do."

So this time, he got out his cell phone and started taking pictures.

He wanted to capture every priceless moment.

"They're just great people, people you can depend on and go to," said Jerry Worthy.

As they worked, the rain came down...pouring at times.

"The rain hasn't slowed them down at all," said Jerry.

No one seemed to mind.

"We're blessed to live in a community and have friends who would do this for him to stand out in the rain and still continue to work, means a lot," said Belinda Worthy.

"Each and every one of us has something to give," said William Parsley.

"I can't thank them enough for being here,” said Jerry Worthy. “I'll be quite honest with you I just want them to know how much I appreciate them being here."

While he’s unsure of what tomorrow will bring, Jerry Worthy knows one thing for sure…he won't be alone.

"I just go each day, live day by day,” said Jerry. "Every day is a beautiful day.”

And on this day, no amount of cloud cover and rain could take away from the beauty of friends helping friends.

"I thank God for this day," said Jerry.

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