Local Bomb Shell Landmark Stolen

Local Bomb Shell Landmark Stolen
By: Lauren Keith
Carbondale, IL - For the last forty years, the Gibson family proudly displayed an old World War II bomb shell in their Carbondale yard. The six foot tall, 350 pound shell was certainly hard to miss, as drivers passed by it on Giant City road.
Some even describe it as a local landmark. But, over the weekend, the bomb turned up missing. The Gibson's think someone stole it, but they're not sure how thieves could yank the heavy shell out from the ground, and not get spotted, along their busy street.
For the last four decades, Lucille Gibson, and her daughter, Judi, didn't have to give out their home address, they just told everyone to look for the home with the bomb in the front yard.

"It's been around, people have said, ‘don't take it down or we'll get lost!’ Before the high school was here and this road didn't go through, that's what people used to find the blacktop!” said Judi.

Lucille's late husband, Hoot, used the bomb to mark his small welding business to customers.

"He used to say he could weld anything, but a broken heart or the break of day," said Lucille.

She also claims her husband would often do welding projects for free, but there was something never for sale - his World War II bomb shell.

"He used to say for everything he gave away, he'd get back three times as much. That's the attitude he had. I'm so upset over this. It’s about the only thing I have left to remember him by," said Lucille.

What's more frustrating for this family, just a few days after the bomb turned up missing, Judi found a note in the mailbox.

It contained a photo of four unknown women. And written on the photo are the words, "thank you!"
“We did not know the ladies in the photo. It just happened to show up in the mailbox. If there's no connection, then, it was weird timing,” said Judi.

The Gibson's hope it only takes a short amount of time to solve this mystery, and get their special landmark back in its place.

"I just want it back,” says a desperate Lucille.

If you have any idea where the bomb might be, the Gibsons offer a $100 cash reward.

They also say they won't even ask questions, they just want it back.

It probably wouldn't be hard to see. It's six foot tall and it's painted red, white and blue.