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Ways to Save: lunch-packing ideas that will add up the savings

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It's time to start packing the kids lunches for school again!

And even if you don’t have kids, you can cut costs by packing your own lunch. Eliminating just one lunch out a week could save you about $500 a year!

Here’s how to watch your savings add up fast:

First, invest in some reusable containers. They’ll cost a little money up front, but will be cheaper in the long run because you won’t be buying box after box of sandwich bags.

Bento boxes are a good tool to manage portion sizes, and wrap your entire lunch in one container. Right around back-to-school time, you can find some deals online and in dollar and grocery stores.

While those portion-sized packages of snacks and fruit are easy to toss in a lunchbox, it's a lot cheaper to buy a big bag and just divvy it up yourself. To save some time on busy mornings, package up a week's worth on Sunday evenings.

And remember: lunch doesn't have to be just a sandwich and apple. If your kids have access to a microwave in the cafeteria leftovers are a great option. Or you can invest in a good thermos. The trick to keeping hot foods hot from the bus stop until lunchtime is to fill the thermos with boiling water for a few minutes, and getting the food really hot before you seal it up.

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