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CAPTURED: 'Armed and dangerous' burglary suspect in custody in Union Co., IL

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Dejun Booker (Source: Illinois State Police) Dejun Booker (Source: Illinois State Police)
(Source: Union County Sheriff's Department) (Source: Union County Sheriff's Department)

The "armed and dangerous" man who has been at the center of a large manhunt across Union County, Illinois is now in custody.

According to Sheriff Scott Harvel, Dejun Booker, 26, was taken into custody just before 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

He is being held at the Jackson County Jail on two counts of armed violence and one count of burglary. His bond was set at $500,000.

Sheriff Harvel said Booker was knocking on doors on Morgan School Road in Jonesboro, Ill. and police surrounded him and took him into custody.

He said no one was injured in the process.

Union County deputies, Jackson County deputies, Anna police, Cobden police, Jonesboro police, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Illinois State Police have been searching the area for Booker for a day and a half.

People react to manhunt

Before Booker was apprehended by authorities he was knocking on the front door of Kent Boyd's home. 

"I was laying in the bed and I heard banging on the door and I didn't get up," Boyd said. "And then I heard more noises, I got up and when I looked out in the front yard that's where he must have been hid by these trees, because he was walking down the driveway, and that's where police apprehended him."

Neighbor Norman Hickam said the burglary suspect was at his back door before he headed to Boyd's house.

Hickam said at around 9 a.m. he called 911 after finding Booker at his back door along Morgan Road. He said the experience shook him up.

He even said when he called 911 he couldn't remember his house number he was so scared.

"Closed the refrigerator door, and looked back around there was a man was standing right there at my back door, immediately recognized the person the police were looking for and without hesitation made a couple of steps to the phone and dialed 911," Hickam said.

Kent Boyd said he wasn't worried about the man on the run, he said he was more worried about the children.

"Anything can happen at any time because there's a lot of kids on this road," he said.

One of those kids is Shawnee seventh grader Wyatt Lyerla and his brother Austin.

Wyatt said he saw authorities responding a couple of houses down from him on Tuesday morning.

"I seen the cops going about 90 miles per hour about six of them, then the neighbor Deron told me they caught him," Wyatt said.

Austin said he spent his day off from Shawnee High School catching up on homework.

Amy Mclane has two kids that go to Shawnee High School.

She said she feels secure knowing that the suspect is in custody.

"Yeah I feel safer now that he's been caught," Mclane said. "I live at the intersection of Route 3 and 146 and it wasn't as dangerous and it was just a couple miles down the road but it does feel safer now that he's caught."

Mclane said she, along with other school leaders, brought food to the Union County Sheriff's Office to show their appreciation for the time authorities spent searching for the suspect.

Burglary leads to manhunt

Booker is one of five suspects accused of burglarizing Revlon Tavern just east of Ware early on Monday morning. Authorities were able to find and apprehend four of the suspects. Booker took off on foot and a gunshot was heard as he was running.

Jeffrey Hunter, 35, of Indianapolis; Christian Lowe, 21, of Indianapolis; Johnny Robinson, 35, of Greenville, Mississippi; and Toni McClellan, 42, of Indianapolis all face burglary charges in connection to the burglary at Revlon Tavern.

Kenneth Poole has lived in the area for almost 43 years, he said he’s never had something like this happen around his hometown.

“Well I went to town and took some tires in just get some tubes put in em’ and I got back to 127 and state trooper wanted my I.D. to see if I could get back through and he let me through with my I.D.,” Poole said.

Delmar Hunziker said he hasn’t lived in the area for very long, but said his around his house has been nothing but quiet until Monday.

“This place is calm, few cars go up and down the road in the daytime,” Hunziker said. “Well today, they routed them around through here and it’s just been traffic through here like crazy you know. But it makes you wonder, at night time if they don’t catch him before dark, then you’ll be watchin'.”

The sheriff's office reported at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, they spotted Booker walking shirtless along Rt. 146. The suspect ran into the woods.

He was later seen right after 6 p.m. on Morgan School Road off Rt. 146.

Rt. 146 near Ware was closed down for several hours on Monday as authorities continued their search for Booker.

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