Doniphan Soldier Injured in Iraq

Doniphan Soldier Injured in Iraq
By: Ryan Tate
DONIPHAN, MO -- David Crain is known to his friends and family as Greg. He's now known as an injured soldier. Greg suffered injuries to his face and had his foot crushed after a suicide bomber attacked the humvee he was in last Friday. One of his fellow passengers died, another was severely injured.
Crain graduated from Doniphan High School in 1991. He now lives in Louisiana with his wife and their three children.
Greg's Father, David, found out about his son's injuries while David was at work. Greg's Mother Caroline called him to say what happened.
"With two boys in the Army, the first thing I thought of was something was wrong," David said."I've been lucky before but Friday my luck ran out." Greg's Brother Mike is also a soldier serving in Iraq.
"I'd like to have them both back," Greg said. "But I couldn't be prouder of what they're doing for their country. I think them, and every other soldier, is doing a great job."
Greg Crain is expected to land in Washington DC on May 4th. He will have surgery at Walter Reed Hospital and is expected to be in rehabilitation for several weeks. The Crain's expect Greg to head back to Iraq if he is physically able to.