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Ste. Genevieve city leaders discuss possible ban of pitbulls

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Pitbulls within city limits, it’s an issue many cities across the Heartland have decided to put in law.

Now, after a couple of pitbull attacks, another Heartland city is looking to do the same thing.

Bob Browne said after a loose pitbull chased him around his neighborhood, but he knew someone else might not have been so lucky.

“I called police and told them ‘Get out here before the dog hurt somebody,'" Browne said. 

Bob Brownie said once he looked up and saw his mail carrier walking down the street, he knew something bad was about to happen.

“Before I could get the words out the dog was on her face and pulling her down to the ground!," he said. "I ran up there and got her away from the dog and proceeded walking backwards to keep the dog at bay. We brought her back down here, and my girlfriends stopped the blood, but her throat was just pumping blood profusely!”

This has been the second attack in the last three months between a postal worker and a loose dog.

Postmaster Tom Parks said he hasn’t had any dog attacks on his carriers in the last two years and now he’s on high alert.

“It’s very alarming," he said. "We got people who come to work and we want them to come home safe.”

So Parks and others community members took their concerns to city leaders.

One possible solution: prohibiting residents from owning pitbulls.

But Parks said that move wouldn’t totally fix the problem

“All dogs have teeth and they all bite," he said. "So for us, it doesn’t matter if we’re bit by a small dog or a big dog it’s still a bite. Now the danger of a big dog biting you is much more of a concern than a little terrier dog that’s not going to drag you down and maul you!”

More than 80 cities across Missouri bans pitbulls including places in the Heartland

Parks ask for the time-being residents keep their dogs behind a gated fence or in a chain while his mail carriers do their jobs.

Here’s what Ste. Genevieve residents have to say about a possible pitbull ordinance.

“I don’t know that the breed ought to be selected out specifically," dog owner Connie Klein said, "But I do think dogs should be either kept on a chain or in a fenced yard!”

“My personal feeling is they should ban all pitbulls," Browne said. "Owners are very irresponsible and they’re very vicious when they bite!”

“It’s people responsibility to keep their dogs restrained," resident Kevin Petty said. "The problem with pitbulls is that they're very strong dogs and it’s a lot different when a pitbull attack somebody than a smaller dog.”

People on both sides of the issue will have a chance to have their voices heard next week during a town hall meeting.

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