A Survivor Cat Loses one of its Lives Thrown from a Truck Window

A heart warming end to a heart breaking story we first told you about a year ago. A four week old kitten was tossed from a speeding truck. There was an outpouring of support from people all over the Heartland, and the cat that was a cast-a-way landed in a safe place with a Heartland News Photojournalist.

Lying peacefully in the grass is a lifestyle Little Grassy has grown accustomed to. The one year old cat shares the run of the farm with Jenny the dog and six other clearly curious cats. But Little Grassy's personality doesn't land him in the mix too often. "He doesn't really like the other cats. He's just got a strange character. Sometimes he loves you, sometimes he doesn't," exclaimed KFVS photojournalist Marsha Clinch.

You may not notice anything missing because of his rambunctious spirit, but Lilttle Grassy may have lost one of his lives a year ago. It happened on a county road in Williamson County. Someone hurled him out the window of a speeding truck. The near deadly drop landed him on the road he's named for--Little Grassy. "Some people called him road kill and skid mark because he was thrown out and had the busted up nose and eye. It took him a while to get over that name," said Clinch.

Richard Cooper of Cobden was driving behind the truck. He brought the kitten by our studios in Carbondale. Little Grassy was so tiny, he fit snuggly into the palm of his hand. "You just couldn't help but go, Ahh", said Clinch.

Little Grassy has crossed into dangerous territory more than once. A car broke down along the tracks next to Clinch's home. When the car left, so did Little Grassy. He returned a week later. "Like he had walked all the way from where these people had taken him. I don't think he's got all of his nine lives left," said Clinch.

Clinch says Little Grassy's not really afraid of much. Perhaps it's because he's already stared death in the face twice and knows he has seven lives left.

Police still don't know who was driving that truck, and they may never know. Animal cruelty cases are tough to prosecute. Dumping a cat or dog can lead to a $500 fine.