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35 Weeks - How I wound up in the hospital

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Week 35 – How I wound up in a hospital bed this week

To be honest, I’ve been on the struggle bus the past few days or maybe even weeks. It all blurs together. I’ve just been so exhausted and really not able to sleep very well. I woke up Tuesday morning and really just felt “off.” My arms felt weak and I felt kind of light headed. I also felt nauseous, but that’s really nothing new with this pregnancy, as it happens often. I called my doctor’s office and they wanted me to come in just to check out my blood pressure and make sure everything was ok. So, I popped in right after Heartland News at Noon thinking I would be in and out rather quickly. Well after monitoring the baby for about an hour, it was clear I was having contractions every 2 minutes. I could see them on the monitor and of course could feel them. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks now, but I guess I didn’t realize they were so close together until yesterday. Also, this little baby is very active so her heart rate kept falling off the charts because of all her wiggling. So to be safe, they wanted to keep me longer and keep an eye on the baby. Luckily, after hours of observation and a few other tests, I wasn’t dilated and I was able to come home. The plan is to just take it easy and drink lots and lots of water. I’m still having contractions today, but feel a little better, even though my arms still feel weak. It’s so crazy to think I could have this baby any day now…or it could easily be about another month. I’m happy she still seems happy and healthy in there right now though, because it would still be a little too early for her to arrive! Thank you everyone for all the thoughts and prayers!

I have the next couple of days off, so I’m hoping to get some rest before the weekend. It’s going to be a big weekend for us because I moved my daughter’s 2nd birthday party up a month so we can celebrate with her one last time before she becomes a big sister.

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