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Ways to save: Summer heat money traps

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We're still dealing with the summer heat...at least for a little while longer.

And some things you do trying to beat the heat this summer, could end up costing you money! 

Here are some of the biggest hot weather money traps:

First—is escaping to the movies with the kids. Once you buy the tickets and snacks for everyone, you could easily be out $50 or more!

A better idea is to stage movie night at home. Rent a movie, or choose one already available from your cable company's "on-demand" feature. Provide movie-style snacks you might not always have around the house, but are cheaper at the grocery or drugstore. Lower the lights, and enjoy the show!

Another money trap on a summer day is the mall.

The air conditioning is nice, but odds are good the kids will want to hit a store or two, and even you may be tempted to do more than window shop. Research shows the longer you stay at the mall, the more likely you'll spend money...something you're trying to avoid.

If you want to kill some time in a nice, cool store, go grocery shopping instead. You can fall into the spending trap here, too. But if you go with a list and a good coupon app, it'll hurt your pocketbook less.

Finally, eating out is a big summer budget buster. Who wants to spend time in a hot kitchen?

If you don't feel like turning the oven on—plan meals you can *grill* or eat cold.

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