Locomotive Catches Fire

Locomotive Catches Fire
By: Wes Wallace
Bell City, MO - A Union Pacific locomotive burst into flames, giving Bell City firefighters a short but tedious workout Monday afternoon. The call went out around five o'clock, and within a minute, four men and two trucks responded to the scene.
"That was a remarkable job for such a small city fire department. These guys are really good, I'm impressed by the rapid response time," says Bill Pippins, Director of the Stoddard County Emergency Management Agency.
Pippins says a leaking oil line near the top of the locomotive dripped down onto an electrical line, and sparked the blaze. When firefighters hit it with water, it caused the oil to eventually spill a little onto the train tracks, but not cause any major damage or other problems.
A Union Pacific official came to survey the scene, and tells Heartland News the situation could have been much worse.
Within an hour of the fire, the train was heading on down the tracks to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, for some repairs.