PINK UP: What does it mean to be HER-2 positive?

PINK UP: What does it mean to be HER-2 positive?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Brenda Brown's life turned upside down in 2005.

Not only was she diagnosed with breast cancer, but doctors said there was a greater chance her cancer could come back.

Brown remembers that day perfectly.

"I had my mammogram and they sent me out and people would come and go and I am sitting there and I start getting nervous because this has never happened and they come out and say I need to see a surgeon," Brown said.

Her diagnosis was far from normal.

"I tested positive for HER-2," Brown said. "Most people haven't heard about HER2."

The Mayo Clinic reports some gene mutation promote the growth of cancer cells.

HER-2 positive breast cancers tend to grow faster and are likely to come back.

"It scared me it really did," Brown said. "I mean it still does. I am always worrying when they find something that it's the cancer coming back."

Because of the diagnosis Brown was required to do 52 chemotherapy treatments. That means she got a treatment once a week for a year.

After that she had to get 40 rounds of radiation.

Since then, Brown has had a few cancer scares, but nothing will keep her down.

"The thought of me not being here to see my grand kids grow up and my kids have kids and just life in general, I don't want to quit."

She's a survivor.

That's a normal she can cling to.

"I'm a fighter."

Moving forward, Brown encourages all women to get checked monthly.

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