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West Frankfort, IL dance team win world championship

(Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS) (Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS)

Most people can only dream of being the best in their world at what they do. There's a small group in West Frankfort who now have the right to claim that they are the best in their division. The "X-treme" dancers from Sloan's Gymnastics and Dance Studio won the Star Dance Alliance World Dance Championships. 

"It was probably about two years ago they took a small group to worlds," said first year coach Chrissy Lake." Unfortunately they didn't make it to the final round."

But in this year's competition the girls and boy not only made it to the final round but won the competition earning them a trophy taller than every member.

"They've accomplished and exceeded everything that I had for them," said Lake. "They're national champions, world champions and went all year first overall."

Something that some of the members are still trying to wrap their teenage heads around. The team has dancers ranging from seven to 17 years-old. 

"We got first place," said Gage Smith who is the only boy on the team."I mean there's not much you can tell other because I'm still trying to process this through my head that we got first place. We're nationals and world champions.

"I just couldn't process it," said Bailey Julian. "I still haven't processed that we won."

The group of youngsters say that they spend more time at Sloan's than they do at their own homes. This makes the team feel closer to a family than just a group of friends. 

"These girls are like sisters to me," said Smith.

"He's like my brother," said Laela Kohzadi in response to Smith.

"Yea, yea we spend a lot of time together," said Bailey Julian.

So they are the best in the world at their division but the group will still continue to compete even with this routine. The team all believes that this is their most proud moment so far in their lives.

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