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Hula hooping: Not just for kids anymore

(Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS) (Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS)

A childhood toy is being used by adults and for a unique reason.

It might look strange, but hula hooping is also a form or art. It's called "flowing."

"It's a very social thing. It can really bring a community together, I feel like."

One particular form of flowing is called "hooping." The name can change depending on what you're dancing with.

These "hoopers" all started as friends.

"I knew Tabby and I knew a few other hoopers, but I never thought I would be one of them. I just thought that was really cool, but now I'm just like, 'Ohh, I want to be one of those too.'"

Ciacra Cooley said flowing has helped her through her personal battle with depression and anxiety.

"It really helps the anxiety," she said, "because once you're out there and doing your own thing, you're really in your own world and your own space and you don't really care what people think, so I think it helps anxiety for most people."

She continues to hoop with her friends to help combat those stresses.

Tabitha Martin is also a yoga instructor and sees the similarities between the two.

"It can help you to deepen the breath and also just having all of this movement going outside of your own body can help you kinda focus in on the now," she said.

A movement that helps lessen the impact of adult problems by bringing them back to their childhood roots.

These hoopers have also created a Facebook community to help share their joy of hooping with others.

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