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Fixing Missouri's crumbling roads and bridges

(Source: Justin Fischer/KFVS) (Source: Justin Fischer/KFVS)

Back in January, Poplar Bluff Senator Doug Libla introduced a bill that would have raised the state gas tax nearly 6 cents a gallon.

But now, Libla said he's not sure if the effort should move forward, even though money for state roads is sorely needed.

Would you pay more at the pump to help fix Missouri's crumbling highways and bridges?

"We have hundreds of bridges that are in really bad repair," Senator Doug Libla said. "So it's getting to be a serious situation."

That's why Senator Doug Libla worked to pass a gas tax earlier this year.

According to Senator Libla, the measure made it to the house, but leaders there didn't act on it.

Published reports stated Libla would re-introduce a similar bill if he wins re-election but, he said that hasn't been decided.

"At this time I haven't foretasted what I'm gonna do that far out, at this time," Senator Libla said. "So I haven't made a decision on that yet."

It's no secret Missouri's roads need major repairs, but after voters defeated a 2014 sales tax for transportation it's not clear where that needed money would come from.

Some Missouri motorists had mixed reactions to a tax.

"I think we got enough gas tax on us at it is," said Rick Swan "They need to use their money that they're already making off us in a proper way to fix the roads and stuff."

"I ain't got no problem with it," said Neil Welch. "Gas is pretty cheap right now. Another five cents or so ain't nothing. People throw that away all the time."

And with toll roads not on the table, Senator Libla concedes a tax may still be the best way to go.

"The best avenue we got, is to continue Missourian's owning the highway system," Senator Libla said. "And that is to pay for it by a motor fuel user tax."

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