Murray State University Football Player Arrested

Murray State University Football Player Arrested

Murray, KY -- T

he head coach of
niversity's football program,
annunzio, is on paid administrative leave
and school officials are investigating the arrest of a player and another student.

Ron Lane, a runningback and Terrence Biggers who recently left the team are facing drugs and weapons charges.

Junior running back Ron Lane of Brandenton, Florida and former Murray State wide receiver Terrence Biggers of Mayfield were arrested and charged with drug trafficking within a thousand yards of a school, possession of firearms, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both are being held at the Calloway County Jail on 50,000 dollars bond and both have been banned from campus. Lane was expected to be one of the teams top players next year, also Murray State head football coach, Joe Pannunzio has been placed on administrative leave. Extended Web Coverage

Comments made by Murray State Athletic Director Allen Ward