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How to choose the best trainer for you

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Have you ever considered getting a personal trainer?

If so, you know it is an investment both financially and mentally.

So how do you choose?

Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson says the first thing you want to look at is the trainer’s credentials.

“There’s about 300 certifying organizations out there,” Crowson said. “Some of them you can do in thirty minutes online and then others take a little bit more.

Crowson says you want to make sure the certification is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, or the NCCA. 

“There’s really four main certification you want to look for,” Crowson said. “There’s A.C.E. There’s the N.A.S.M., A.C.S.M., or N.C.S.A.”

She also suggests looking for someone who has a four-year degree in exercise science or other related field.

But adds, it does go further that just education.

“Experience goes a long way,” Crowson said. “The longer a trainer has been working in the field, obviously the more knowledge and information they are going to have.”

There are also websites that can help guide you through the choosing process.

“Search an organization called IDEA Fitness,” Crowson said. “They have a service called fitness connect.  There’s over 250,000 qualified fitness professional that have all been verified. Plug in your area and it will pop up all the trainer in your area that are qualified to train.”

If you find a trainer you are interested in, you want to make sure your personality meshes with that trainer.

“When you enter into this, it’s a relationship like anything else,” Crowson said. “They have to learn you, you have to learn them. Personality is a big thing.  Some people do better with a more drill sergeant trainer.  So do better with a more laid back trainer.  At that first meeting, I know a lot of trainer will give a free consultation, explore the re-pore that you have with that trainer.”

It is also important to upfront and honest with your trainer.

“We can only help you if we know exactly what’s going on outside the gym,” Crowson said. “If something hurt when you’re working out, say something right away. If you are binge eating at night, let your trainer know.  There’s really nothing we haven’t heard.”

Crowson also so says do not be scared to make suggestions and ask questions.

“If you see somebody doing something in the gym you’d like to try say, hey, this looks like fun let’s give it a shot.”

If you want to find a cheaper option, Crowson says many trainers often provide online training and it is often less expensive.

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