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Local group helps animals that fell victim to Louisiana flooding

(Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS)

If you were in Cape Girardeau on Sunday, August 21, you may have seen a group of people loading up a U-haul truck full of items near K-Mart.

This was an effort by an organization called Mac's Mission to provide some pf the essential items for flood victims in Louisiana.

The items collected aren't necessarily just for the people affected by the devastating flooding, but are specifically aimed to help out the animals that fell victim to the floodwaters, as well.

Many said they feel it's necessary to help out others in this time of need, whether they are people or their animals and pets.

"We're a huge dog loving family and they're suffering just as much as the people are and we wanted to show our support for them also," Kylie Robert of Jackson said.

"There's organizations that bombard that area that are there for the people," Mac's Mission Director Rochelle Steffen said. "There's not a lot of organizations that go down for the animals specifically. There's a couple but they get pretty inundated pretty quickly."

Steffen said he feels it's beneficial for people to gather items in stores here first, as opposed to just donating money for those to get supplies down there in Louisiana.

"Down there right now, you can't go to a store and buy stuff. And the stores that are open, they've already been bought out," Steffen added. "So it's kind of like a second wave of help coming in to be able to replenish or stock their efforts."

Items donated brought in at least $5,000 worth for these animals. Steffen plans on taking the nearly full U-haul truck down to one of the hardest hit areas in Louisiana on Monday to drop off the items collected.

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