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Senior Olympics set to wrap up in Perryville, MO

(Source: Justin Fischer/KFVS) (Source: Justin Fischer/KFVS)

The city of Perryville is hosting a senior Olympic Games for those over 50 years of age. 

Anyone can sign up to participate.

"We all want to be a part of something, and you know there is, it's a friendly competition," Chad Unterreiner, League and Fitness Director

Chad Unterreiner is the organizer for the Senior Olympics in Perryville - an annual event running for 16 years, with athletes participating not only from the Heartland. 

"We have participants - we got one that's flown in from California this year," Unterreiner said. "We have a couple that comes in from El Paso Texas, but they come from all over." 

The games are for participation. They aren't to qualify for any other competition - so why do athletes travel so far to compete in Perryville?

Uterreiner said it's how well they are treated, and the chance to meet new friends... a feeling echoed by athlete Carl Holschen

"It's a good chance to meet other people, and to get together with other people our age that are also active people and interested in doing different things," Holschen said. 

Athletes can compete in Sports like swimming, Football, Disk Golf, Table Tennis, Weight lifting and more. William Cannon said he's got more than 3,000 medals from different Senior Olympic Games. 

"5/25, most people would be ashamed, I'm proud of the fact that I could just do it, ya know," William Cannon. "I'm here. You know I'm 86 years young. You're a winner just by participating."

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