Does it Work: Frogglez Goggles

Does it Work: Frogglez Goggles
Brothers Levi (left) and Lucas (right) McKinnie tested out Frogglez Goggles.
Brothers Levi (left) and Lucas (right) McKinnie tested out Frogglez Goggles.
The McKinnie brothers gave Frogglez 5 stars.
The McKinnie brothers gave Frogglez 5 stars.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Swim goggles are a summer essential for kids who swim. However, most kids could do without the rubber band that pulls their hair and pinches their ears.

The makers of a product called Frogglez Goggles claim their snag-proof neoprene band makes for the most comfortable pair of goggles your child will ever wear.

To put Frogglez's claims to the test, we asked brother Levi and Lucas McKinnie to take a swim.

The brothers both boys say when they go underwater - goggles are a must.

"All the chlorine can get in your eyes and it really hurts," said fifth grader Levi McKinnie. "I do that so I can also see where I'm going underwater so I don't run into somebody."

However, the eldest McKinney admitted sometimes goggles can hurt too.

"Sometimes they're too tight and they hurt my head," Levi McKinnie said.

Frogglez claim they can "simplify your family's life" by offering the "most comfortable, adjustable swim goggles ever."

Both Levi and younger brother Lucas were intrigued by Frogglez neoprene band.

"They just look like they'd be comfortable with the band that goes around, instead of these rubber things this has a material like - a soft thing instead," said Levi McKinnie.

Seven-year-old Lucas McKinnie was first to try Frogglez in the pool.

"These feel better because the rubber's usually on my ears," said Lucas McKinnie. "I can see to the other end of the pool because of these goggles."

His older brother borrowed a $25 pair of traditional rubber-banded goggles from the Cape Girardeau Swim Team, but was eager to trade with his brother to give Frogglez a try.

"They don't blurry [fog] up – the lenses - when you put them on your head," said Lucas McKinnie. "The other ones do."

"And they don't pull your hair – like these do," added Lucas McKinney referring to the swim team's goggles.

Frogglez packaging claims the design helps the goggles stay put. The boys wanted to test that theory on the diving board.

"They stayed on!" said Levi McKinney after a dive off the board. "Whenever you dive in they don't come off and get stuck around your throat."

"I like them," said Lucas McKinnie.

The McKinnie Brothers gave Frogglez five stars on this Does It Work test.

You can buy Frogglez online for approximately $20 on the product website, &

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