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How to handle back to school jitters

Murphysboro High School (SOURCE: Rae Daniel/KFVS) Murphysboro High School (SOURCE: Rae Daniel/KFVS)

School is back in session! Children all throughout the Heartland are getting ready for their first day of classes, which can cause anxiety for some students.

Murphysboro High School Principal, Tony Wilson says it doesn't matter what age, heading back to school can be a little nerve wracking for any student.

Wilson gave some suggestions on how to calm those nerves.

"Most schools will have an open house or an orientation of some sort so that's something you definitely don't want to skip," Wilson explained. "You become familiar with your environment, your setting, meet some teachers, some new friendly faces." 

Wilson encouraged students to do what they can to feel confident in their school setting, and also figuring out what they can do to prepare for classes will be beneficial.

"Maybe take a tour of school, know where your classes are," he explained. "I think one thing that causes students the most amount of stress is the confusion, of not knowing where to go, maybe not knowing some rules, some polices."

And with social media playing an active role among many students, where bullying can occur, Wilson encouraged parents to keep a close eye on their children's social media accounts.

"Just responsible use, parents don't be afraid to check your students and their phones," he said. "Know what they're doing, know who they're interacting with."

"It's our responsibility as a school as well to teach responsible use for social media," Wilson added. 

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