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Community supports Jackson, MO family who lost home to fire

(Source: Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS) (Source: Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS)

Imagine losing everything. That's what the Styer family is going through right now.

When they lost their home in a fire on August 11, they only escaped with the clothes on their back. They didn't even have shoes on.

"A lot of stuff that can't be replaced," said Vern Styer. "No matter what you do you can't replace it."

He described both paintings and jewelry that was destroyed along with the house. The house was also a dream he had since he was 14 years old.

"My wife and I dreamed of having a house like this since we first got married," said Styer. "This is what our dream was. We wanted a house like this."

They built the house in 1998 and have lived there ever since, but now the house is reduced to ash. Since the fire, the Styer's have seen a lot of support from the neighbors and community.

"Neighbors were unbelievably responsible, they came in a got us brought us shoes and got chairs out for my wife to sit," said Styer 

Vern has also seen support from his family, pointing to his son, he claimed that he was his rock getting him through all of this. 

"Being able to do anything to help him has been my goal," said Ron Styer, Vern's son.

Ron Styer has been trying to help his dad but said that it's the support from others that is really getting them through this tough time.

"People we haven't talked to in a long time, people we've never talked to have donated time, money, and things," said Ron Styer

"It keeps coming," said Vern. "People in this community are very very very generous."

They're now waiting to rebuild their dream with the community support to get them through. One way that you can help the Styer family if you are interested is through their go fund me page.

Vern also wanted to thank some special people from the community, even though he knows he missed a few:

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