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Perryville, MO has unusual drainage system using sinkholes

(Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS) (Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS)

Rain in the Heartland is nothing new  We expect it, and with it comes streams and puddles, and unfortunately, in many places floods.

Perryville, Missori is no exception to the flooding problem. In fact, the city has a very unusual drainage system. They use more than 300 natural sinkholes that are in the city to drain the water to underwater caves.

"It's very unique," Brent Buerck, Perryville City Administrator, said. "Very unique to Perryville. Perry county has three of the four longest caves in the state of Missouri, and we have over 300 sinkhole that the city actively maintains." 

A park in Perryville is one of the sites of these sinkholes and when it rains, it floods. Even with only two and a half inches of rain like this past weekend, the park had tJkhree to four feet of standing water. 

"So the water naturally flows down hill and that's what happens here," said Buer\\\\\ck. "This park was never developed, it's always been a park for that very reason and now it serves as a detention basin for the city."

Along the edges of the third park there are a few houses. One of the home owners said that the water has never come into their basement but has been close. They also say that they can no longer plant flowers but have had to go to a rock only yard. 

The park will remain flooded for the next couple of days, even though the sinkhole eres cleared before the storms. The city provides maintenance to these drains year round to ensure that the water will drain away as quickly as possible. 

"It fills up much faster than it goes down," said Buerck.

The city says that if you have a drain that is full or blocked to call them so they can clean it before rains come again.

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