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Kentucky Lawmakers fish for solution to growing bear, carp numbers


Kentucky State wildlife officials are working hard to control black bear and Asian carp numbers. 

"Asian carp is something [the Interim Joint Committee] needs to take very seriously," says Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources Commissioner Greg Johnson. Asian Carp are seen as an invasive species. They've been spotted in the Falls of the Ohio at Louisville, alarming biologists. To combat the spread of Asian carp, several private enterprises are turning millions of pounds of the nuisance fish into dog food, fish nuggets and other such foods.

Black bears are a different story. Increased sightings have put farmers and other residents on edge. 

According to Rep. Tim Moore (R-Elizabethtown),young black bears wander in late spring and early summer, returning to their old territory later on. It's his agency's job to track the bears to make sure they leave areas where they aren't supposed to be. Moore says increased hunting will probably be used to control future bear populations. 

There are steps Kentuckians should take to avoid run-ins with bears: don't leave pet food outside in the open, secure garbage in bear-proof containers, and contact officials if you do happen to spot a bear.

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