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Free weight exercises to shape & tone shoulders

Source: KFVS (lateral raise) Source: KFVS (lateral raise)
Source: KFVS (rear delt fly) Source: KFVS (rear delt fly)
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This week’s get fit tip focuses on shaping and toning the shoulder muscles. 

Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson says there are three parts to the deltoids.

“You got the front part, the side and the rear,” Crowson said. “So we really need to attack the shoulders from all different angles.”

To do that, Crowson demonstrated four free weight exercises that work for beginners or even the more advanced.

1.    Military overhead press: It is a nice overall shoulder exercise. 

Holding free weights, lift your arms out to the side at a right angle, press the weight up straighten with your arms above you head, and then return to the start position.  

“You can do it seated or standing,” Crowson said. “I prefer to do it seated.  It’s easier on the lower back and you can’t cheat as much if you’re sitting."
2.    Lateral raise: This exercise targets the side deltoid. 

“We’re going to start with the dumbbells slightly under out legs,” Crowson said. “The elbows are bent and as we bring them up we’re going to rotate them until our pinkies are facing the ceiling”

3.    Front raise: This movement focuses on the front part of the deltoids. 

“Keep the weights with the ends facing up,” Crowson said. “Elbows slightly bent and we’re going to bring it in front of our body and slightly across.”

4.    Rear deltoid fly: This hit the back of the shoulder.

“You can do it seated or standing, but I prefer to do this one standing,” Crowson said. “Knees bent and you’re going to tilt forward from the waist with your back flat and elbows bent lifting the arms to the side.”

Crowson recommends doing these exercises once or twice a week. Do three to four sets per exercise using a weight that allows you to do 8-12 repetitions.

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