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FIRST ALERT: Flooding, water rescues in the Heartland

(Source: Ballard County Emergency Management) (Source: Ballard County Emergency Management)
Water rescue off of Germania Rd. in St. Francois Co., Mo. on Monday. (Source: Daily Journal Online) Water rescue off of Germania Rd. in St. Francois Co., Mo. on Monday. (Source: Daily Journal Online)
Water rescue off of Germania Rd. in St. Francois Co., Mo. on Monday. (Source: Daily Journal Online) Water rescue off of Germania Rd. in St. Francois Co., Mo. on Monday. (Source: Daily Journal Online)
Flooding at McDowell Campground on Castor River. (Source: Lisa Livingston/Facebook) Flooding at McDowell Campground on Castor River. (Source: Lisa Livingston/Facebook)
Flooding at McDowell Campground on Castor River. (Source: Lisa Livingston/Facebook) Flooding at McDowell Campground on Castor River. (Source: Lisa Livingston/Facebook)

The Ballard County Emergency Management says multiple cars were stranded in water Wednesday morning before being rescued.

Officials said the Kevil and Bandana Fire Departments, Ballard County Rescue Squad, State and County Road Departments, Ballard County Sheriff's Department, and Ballard County Animal Control helped pulled stranded cars out of the flooded roads.

Always remember - never try to drive over flooded roads. Turn around, don't drown!

Levee breaches in Poplar Bluff, MO

The Emergency Management Agency in Poplar Bluff, Missouri continues to monitor a levee breach on Tuesday, August. 16.

According to Butler Co. EMA Director Robbie Myers, the breach is near County Road 202. He said there was minimal damage to structures and no evacuations.

Myers said it is mostly flooding farm fields and they are monitoring it and other levees in the area.

"What we're concerned about as we progress through the night is that amount of pressure of 19 feet and above on some of our levees for 24 or 36 hours," Myers said on Tuesday. "So we're keeping an eye on them."

On Wednesday, he said, overall, the water has crested and the levels are going down.

He said water was also going over the levee at County Road 608. This levee broke in 2008 and 2011, but he said it is holding at the moment.

Black River water levels at the Poplar Bluff gauge crested at 20.28 ft at 7:45 p.m., Tuesday. The National Weather Service considers levels at Major Flood Stage at 21 ft.

"This will probably be like the sixth highest crest we've ever had in Butler County," Myers said.

Several people in Poplar Bluff were evacuated from their homes earlier on Tuesday due to the flooding.

According to the National Weather Service, the evacuation is at a home on County Road 611, and that may not be the only place.

Officials say we can expect flood water to impact more places on CR 611, as well as on County Road 608.

The city of Naylor is also dealing with flooding.

One city official said the town is surrounded by water.

She said it's kind of dangerous because the city doesn't have any emergency vehicles, so they have no real way to help if anyone gets stuck in the water.

She said someone has been using the city's backhoe to try and help those in trouble, but it's not very productive.

The Doniphan school district explained to us what goes into calling off classes in flooding.

We took a ride on a school bus with District Superintendent Jennifer Snyder and Director of Transportation Glenda McEntire to see what goes into calling off school.

Some schools have canceled classes on Wednesday, Aug. 17 due to flooding. You can click here for a list.

Water rescues

Glen Allen Fire Chief Lucas Simmons says crews responded to a water rescue at the Castor River Campground around 2 p.m. He says two campers and their two dogs were stranded after rising water surrounded their camper.

The campers and their pets were taken to safety by boat .

Simmons says Marble Hill Fire Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and Cape Girardeau Fire Department assisted in the rescue.

There are no injuries reported.

Here's a picture of flooding along the Castor River in the McDowell Campground, courtesy of viewer Lisa Livingston:

According to the Butler County Sheriff's Department, there were a couple of water rescues on Monday, Aug. 15.

One was on Highway 158 near Cane Creek. A couple was rescued by the sheriff's department after water covered the road.

The sheriff's department also reported a water rescue on County Road 540, off of Highway W. The sheriff said a woman tried to pass through on a road near there and her car was swept under water. She had to get out of the car to escape. The sheriff said she is okay, but the car is still under water.

The sheriff's department is urging people to be careful on the roads.

According to the St. Francois County Sheriff's Department, a car was stuck in water on Germania Road off Highway 8. By the time deputies responded to the call, the car was already out of the water.

Check out this picture from the scene, courtesy of the Daily Journal Online:

RAW VIDEO: Flooding in Grandin, MO

Road closures/conditions in Illinois

    Franklin County

    A driver had to be rescued early Monday morning after traveling into 3 to 4 feet of water on 6th and Douglas Street in West Frankfort. The driver was rescued by public bystanders, according to the national weather service.

    Hamilton County

    People were rescued from a flooded out vehicle on Anderson School Road just southwest of McLeansboro.

    As of 6:17 a.m. on Monday, Illinois Route 242 at Blairsville Road has a large amount of water over it.

    Jefferson County

    • As of 4: 27 p.m., water flowing across HWY 148 in Mt. Vernon at Cactus making conditions dangerous.

    Perry County

    • As of 03:50 p.m. in Du Quoin, heavy water covering road on State Route 154 just west of Route 51.
    • As of 3:50 p.m., water is covering Route 51 just south of Tamaroa.

    St. Francois County

    • The Francois County sheriff is reporting HWY 221 is closed due to water being over the road. Cedar Falls Road is also closed with water over the road.

    Union County

    As of 12:02 p.m., the bridge at Alto Pass and Marks Lane is out. 3.5 inches of rainfall at Cobden and just over 5 inches around Wolf Lake since Saturday morning. Several roads remain closed due to water covering the roadway. Crews have been dispatched.

    Williamson County

    • Main Street just north of Route 13 is under 6 inches of water. A manhole cover popped off and water filling up into nearby yards.
    • As of 11:15 a.m., 1.5 ft of water was on Giant City Road south of Carbondale.
    • Norman and Broeking Road are under water.
    • Ditches are overflowing onto Hwy. 149

    Road closures/conditions in Missouri

    Bollinger County

    • Route H southbound is closed 2.23 miles after MO 34 east, ending 3.5 miles after MO 34 east.

    Butler County

    • Route M is closed due to flooding starting 1.96 miles after US 67 S., ending 3.14 miles after US 67 S.
    • State Route 142 is closed from Naylor to US 67 due to water over the road
    • State Route H is closed starting 3.5 miles before MO 34 W., ending 2.23 miles before MO 34 W.
    • State Route 158 is closed .03 miles after MO 142 west, ending less than .01 miles before US 67 north.
    • State Route W is closed starting less than .01 miles before Route O south, ending .98 miles after Rte. O north
    • State Route 53 is closed at MO 51 south, ending 2.03 miles before Route WW north.
    • State Route N is closed starting 6.11 miles after MO 51 south, ending 4.86 miles before MO 51 south.

    Cape Girardeau

    Cape Girardeau Public Works have put barricades in place ahead of the flooding event where there is the highest potential for high levels of water over the roadway. Police ask residents to pay attention to these barricades. Do not ignore them by driving around them. If you find a flooded roadway before police, never drive through standing water.

    The locations for these pre-staged barricades are listed below:

    • Perry & Broadway
    • Perry & Parkview
    • Kenneth & Kent
    • Kent & Derbyshire
    • Abbey & N Horseshoe Ridge
    • Abbey & S Horseshoe Ridge
    • Silver Springs & Themis
    • West of Silver Springs & Spruce
    • Beavercreek @ W of Aspen Park Housing
    • Beavercreek @ E of Aspen Park Housing
    • Good Hope & Sheridan
    • Good Hope & Spring
    • Good Hope & Plaza Way
    • Good Hope & Christine
    • Sheridan & Independence (Amerimart)
    • Sheridan & East Plaza Way (Roofers Mart)
    • Kingshighway & Bloomfield
    • Fountain & Aquamsi
    • Aquamsi (under the bridge)

    Iron County

    • Route F eastbound is closed beginning 1.42 miles after MO 49 south, ending 6.02 miles after MO 49 south
    • Route C eastbound is closed starting 6.43 miles before MO 49 south, ending 2.08 miles before MO 49 south

    Madison County

    • As of 1:45 p.m. water of an unknown depth is over road HWY 72 E. east of Fredricktown of unknown depth. Water levels are decreasing.
    • As of 3:53 p.m., 4 miles east of Fredericktown, law enforcement is reporting some of the small creeks and streams are flooding with water over County Road 208 and Route W in spots
    • Route O is closed starting .82 miles before Route E west, ending at Route E west.

    Perry County

    According to the Perry County Emergency Management Agency, due to severe flooding in the area, several roadways throughout the county are completely covered with water making travel very dangerous.The Perry County Emergency Management is urging drivers to exercise extreme caution when driving.

    For full details click here.

    Iron County

    • As of 3:15 p.m., MoDOT is reporting Route F eastbound is closed due to high water east of HWY 49.

    Ripley County

    • As of 4:37 p.m., a trained weather spotter observed low water crossings flooded west of Briar near Bardley Township.
    • MO 142 closed from Naylor to US 67 due to water over the road. This is near Cypress Creek, starting .02 miles after Rte. W south, ending less than .01 miles before US 67 north
    • Route NN southbound is closed due to flooding near the Little Black River. It's starting 2.32 miles after MO 21 south, ending 2.76 miles after MO 21 south.
    • Route H is closed staring 2.87 miles after Route W south, ending 1.88 miles before Route KK east.

    Scott County

    The Sikeston Department of Public Safety is setting up 4 sandbagging stations that are available to the public, due to the increased chance of severe flooding.

    Sikeston DPS Command Staff and other City employees sat in on a conference call with the National Weather Service Saturday morning, and learned that the city could get up to 9 inches of rain over the next few days.

    Sand and sandbags are located at

    • Anderson St. (Fire Station 2) ,
    • Donna St. (Near Dollar General),
    • Compress Rd. (Compost Site), and
    • Clayton Park.

    Wayne County

    • Route FF southbound near Big Lake Creek is closed starting 4.16 miles before US 67 south, ending 2.56 miles before US 67 south
    • State Route 49 is closed starting 1.45 miles after Route A east, ending 1.83 miles before Route A east

    For a closer look at road closures click here.

    Please do not drive through standing water on roads or in parking lots.

    The average automobile can be swept off the road in 12 inches of moving water, and roads covered by water are prone to collapse.

    Attempting to drive through water also may stall your engine, with the potential to cause irreparable damage if you try to restart the engine.

    If you come upon a flooded street, take an alternate route.

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