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One-of-kind Pokémon store planned for Cape Girardeau

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Cape Girardeau could soon become a hub for Pokémon enthusiasts everywhere.

On the heels of the release of the Pokémon Go app, a group of entrepreneurs is looking to open a one-of-kind shop for fans of the game.

Timothy Harris and his friends are calling it Rivertown Lab Pokéshop.

"When Pokémon Go came out it really gave the actual push,” Harris said.

The store will feature everything Pokémon.

"We're looking at plushes, backpacks, t-shirts," Harris said.

All of the items will come direct from the game’s original creators, Nintendo.

"They have granted us access to use their wholesalers," he said.

That’s access that’s not readily available according to the store’s co-creator Aaron Hamlin. He says it will offer fans around the Cape Girardeau area a unique opportunity.

“The only other official Pokémon shop is in Toyko I believe,” he said.

If there’s any question of the strength of the Pokémon fan base in Cape Girardeau, use Cape Girardeau County Park North as an example.

Within the Pokémon Go app there are several Pokéstops, or hotspots for finding Pokémon and items, in the area.

"There's like a ton of Pokéstops and people put down lures," Pokémon player Warren Kelly said.

In fact it draws such a crowd park officials have publicly asked people not to park drive off the pavement to avoid killing the grass.

They say they will be installing parking signs soon to help with the increased traffic.

Players there say they mean no harm, they're just out to catch 'em all.

And that's just the sentiment Harris and team are looking for.

"That's what were excited for. We hope the nostalgia will bring people back in," he said.

Harris says the shop is also working to gain designation as gym location for the Pokémon Go app.

The shop will hold official Pokémon card tournaments as well.

Rivertown Lab Pokéshop will be located at 20 N. Main St., Cape Giradeau, Mo. 63701.

Owners expect to open to the public on Sept. 1.

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