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Kennett woman details her reaction to being on 'hit list'


Imagine getting on Facebook and seeing your name, along with 10 others, on a hit-list.

That's what happened to a group of people in Kennett, Missouri - and a woman is in jail because of it.

Brittany Knight's name appeared on the list.

"It's all fun and games until you're the one that's getting trashed," Knight said.

Last year, Knight received a ticket for driving without insurance.

Police towed her car, but Knight never expected that information to end up on a Facebook Page called "The Clink", allegedly operated by a woman named Sherr Harden.

"She put my address on her site and told everybody like all her 10,000 followers to beware because I didn't have car insurance," Knight said.

So Knight said she asked Harden to remove her information from the page.

Harden refused, and Knight said she started adding even more of her personal information.

After a while, Brittany thought Harden eventually forgot about her, until just a few days ago when she saw this hit list - with eleven names, including hers.

"She did not know me," Knight said. "In fact, she knew nobody on that list, only through Facebook, if they had an opposing [view], she decided that anybody that went against her, retaliated against what she said, they deserved to die."

Knight and few others on the list went to Kennett police.

Authorities later arrested Harden and charged her with making a terrorist threat. She later posted bail.

We reached out to Harden to get a comment, but she didn't return any of our messages.

Knight said she's afraid of what Harden may do now.

"I'm actually more afraid now about what she will do," Knight said. "So I wish she would leave everybody alone, nobody bothered her, she just went and bothered everybody else."

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