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Gaming helps boost kids to other careers

(Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS) (Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS)

You take a look at people playing video games today and it might look like they're zombies, eyes glued to the screen.

But not everyone buys in to that.

"I don't think video games rot kid's brains like everyone says they do," Shannon Young, who works at Gaming Grounds, said. "It's really up to the parents to monitor the children and make sure that what they're seeing on the game they know is fake."

In fact, a new international study found gamers scored higher on assessment tests in math, reading and science than their peers who don't play.

The study found that those who are active on social media scored four points lower than the average. The reason for this: increased problem solving skills.

Young is not the only one with those thoughts; Ted Jones works at Codify and said that he see's a benefit to video games.

"I started with Pong," Jones said. "It made the transition to coding almost seamless." 

Jones has come a long way from playing Pong. He now develops mobile games that are educational.

"I think if kids are having fun learning they're not going to be afraid of learning in other areas too," Jones said.

He also sees games bringing in a younger generation to the world of coding.

"Minecraft and games like that have really have intrigued or peaked the interest into the world of coding."

But it's not just in the area coding where video games help students succeed.

"A lot of math to me is logic," added Jones. "I can definitely see how a kid would do better in other areas by playing video games."

Playing these games is not what makes kid's smarter or even good coders, but the skills they learn can help them in the future.

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