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Heartland water park makes safety a high regard

(Source: Justin Fischer/KFVS) (Source: Justin Fischer/KFVS)

This might come as a surprise, but an official with the Missouri Division of Fire Safety says water slides are not inspected by the state.

And while that may be the case, officials at the Farmington Water Park know just how important slide inspections are.

"Oh they're very important, you don't want a kid getting cut going down," Ruth Flanigan, Program Director, said.

That's what Farmington Water Park's Program Director Ruth Flanigan said about the park's inspection of their slides.

Flanigan said the slide is inspected every morning to make sure there aren't any paint chips or sharp edges.

While those are minor repairs the park maintenance department can handle, the park does have a plan for any major issue.

"We have a company that comes in if we need to do a major repair, you know if we get a crack or something in the slide," Flanigan said.

 She said while the young boy’s death in Kansas is a tragedy, it won’t impact how they handle these much smaller slides.

"The slides we have are not the big ole' huge ones like the one unfortunately the child was killed on," Flanigan said. "Or we don't even have the big ones like they have at Six Flags. We don't have raft type slides."

Tina Boxdorfer was visiting the park with her family and said that although she likes how many life guards are around the Farmington Water Park, she also believes the daily inspections are important.

"I think they should test them every morning for sure, probable a couple of times throughout the day, make sure where they're bolted together, that's all still together in one piece, not coming apart."

The official with the Division of Fire Safety in Missouri said amusement park rides, like roller coaster, are inspected each year by a third party inspector. 

In addition to that, the state of Missouri sends an inspector at random, unannounced times to make sure the rides are up to standards.

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