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The Pig BBQ

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                First things first. Just because it’s made outside in an enclosed area, doesn’t make it “barbeque.”  Barbeque is a technique.

                No one knows that more than the people who work at The Pig BBQ, located on the corner of State Highway OO and Highway 72 just west of Fredericktown. Barbeque as a technique has been practiced at The Pig BBQ since 1948.

                “It’s local, it’s the best way to describe it,” said Deborah McEuen, owner of The Pig BBQ.  “And when you visit for the first time, you have to order the Combination with cheese fries,” McEuen said.  The Combination is sliced pork with cheese sauce and hot sauce.

Homemade cheese sauce.

Homemade hot sauce.

“The cheese sauce and hot sauce are important,” McEuen said. “They are a big deal. We make the cheese sauce so it’s melting and delicious.”

Time is an important part of The Pig BBQ, both past and present. The hot sauce is made the same way it was 68 years ago when The Pig BBQ opened. The pork butts take 10-12 hours to smoke. The popular ribs take six hours. Marcie Baker owned The Pig for 40 years and still works in the restaurant. They estimate the she has made 90% of the sandwiches served at The Pig BBQ in the last four decades. That’s an estimated five to six million sandwiches.

Time tested.  That’s what keeps bringing people back.

“We know 80-85% of the names of the people who walk in, said McEuen, who has been working at The Pig BBQ since she was 15 years old. “We know what they’re going to order.”

            McEuen said there is something for everybody at The Pig BBQ.  The chili is the same recipe it was in 1948. You’ll also find burgers, hot dogs, and all the classic appetizers and sides.  But in the end, it’s the time honored tastes, flavors and techniques that bring people back to The Pig BBQ.

            “We use the same methodology of cutting the meat as we always have. Nothing for the sandwiches will ever change,” said McEuen.

             The pig is open at 5:30 a.m. each day for breakfast. Monday-Thursday it’s open until 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday it’s open until 11:00 p.m. You can find them online at and on Facebook at

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