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Poplar Bluff bus service inspects school buses ahead of first day of school

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Before your child steps back into the classroom this month many will step aboard a school bus, but have you ever wondered what goes into process of inspecting those buses?

As your child enjoys summer break, work is underway to make sure their ride back to school is safe. 

Poplar Bluff Transportation Director Ronnie Martin and his team of certified technicians go through each bus one-by-one to complete a thorough inspection, starting with the outside.

“We have to make sure all the lights are properly working, the headlights, signal lights, the most Important part of the school bus is our eight-way stop light system," Martin said.

Next, they check the brakes and make any needed repairs.

While that’s happening, Martin thoroughly inspects the tires.

“So on a parking lot or school, or somewhere, it got up on the curb and it chunked out a small park of the sidewall of this tire," Martin said pointing to a ruptured part of a tire. "Anytime we see something like this, with the student we’re hauling, our precious cargo we’re going to get this off the bus.”

“This tire will then be replaced with a brand new tire that will have anywhere from 26 to 32 seconds of tread on the new tire," Martin said.

Then Martin moves on to the engine, he checks all fluids and filters making sure they’re all clean and topped off.

Once the outside is checked off the inspection list, Martin moves on to the part of the bus that comes in most contact with the students, the seats.

“We’ll make sure that the inside of the bus is thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial cleaning solution," Martin said. "That each seat will be cleaned and wiped down so that when the students come back and they’re using the buses that they are clean as they can possibly be, free of any mold or mildew or any bacteria.”

After a quick rinse from student volunteers, the buses are ready for the first day of school.

“We always strive to do our very best because we’re hauling our most precious cargo, our students, our kids," Martin said.

Keep in mind, there is an inspection held by the Missouri Highway Patrol every February that does an even more in-depth inspection.

About 10 percent of buses don’t pass that inspection with issues as small as malfunctioning lights.

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