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School district looking to add more security cameras on buses

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In today's world, having video evidence could mean all the difference in cases like bullying.

If anything were to happen on a school bus, most students will pull out their phones and start recording, but what about the cameras on the bus?

So, Twin River schools transportation department is making sure its cameras are up-to-date.

“It’s important in these days," Kurt Lichtenegger said. "We need video evidence of whatever act took place on the school bus.”

Lichtenegger does bus maintenance for the Twin Rivers School District. He said video alone could prove whether or not students are doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing.

“Administrators these days, we used to go by the word of the bus driver, couple of kids and we dealt with it," he said. "Now, they want video evidence of it.”

So, when the school district buys new buses, they must be equipped with the most up to date cameras.

Most school buses come with two cameras, but school districts like Twin Rivers are finding out, it may be time to add even more in order to have an even better view

“If you see what’s going on down in the seats and see what they’re doing like I said the front and the rear is fine, but we don’t see what’s going on down in here," he said pointing to the inside of the seat. "All the driver see is the top of the head and all that camera is going to catch is the top of the head, but by putting multiple cameras and putting them on the wall on the side of the bus."

One concern parents may have is the privacy of their children if cameras are always on.

However, Lichtenegger said that should be the least of your worries.

“So let’s say this bus is sitting on our lot and someone thinks they’re going to break in and take this DVR," he said. "They may get it out of this system and take it home, but when they plug it up to their USB port they will get a blank screen. They do not have the software to decode the video, so that’s how we protect the safety and security of our students because nobody can view it except us because we have the software.”

Lichtenegger said he plans to look into adding more cameras on the school bus.

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