Election Results Thrown Out

Election Results Thrown Out
By: CJ Cassidy


ity leaders call it history in the making
as they prepare to vote
two top officials for the second time in just over a month.

The positions up for reelection; the Chief of Police and City Alderman.

The re-election comes after officials discovered what they call "irregularities" among the ballots from April 5th.

The Wayne County clerk noticed some people who voted either didn't live in the city or voted in the wrong ward.

So the clerk called for a reelection, and a judge ruled in his favor.

While there are two races in question, most of the attention is on the contest for chief of police.

Richard Sanders is one of the candidates. "I want them to know I'm not only there to protect but also to serve," Sanders says as he campaigns around his neighborhood.

Sanders has protected and served before. He was the Piedmont Police Chief twenty years ago.

Sander's opponent, Acting Police Chief Corey Thompson believes that very fact will work in his favor as well."At the time he was police chief, marijuana was the big problem. Now we have meth, and I have more experience dealing with meth, so I think I'm more qualified to handle that," Thompson says.

The first election saw Sanders win by just two votes.

County Clerk Alan Lutes says with such a slim margin, a recount would have been in order anyway."People need to get out make sure their voice is heard. I'm going to make sure people who vote on election day are actually city residents," Lutes says.

Whatever their differences maybe both candidates for chief of police agree on one thing: it will be harder to convince people to vote again."We're short staffed so we've been putting in seven day weeks. Seven days a week eight hours a day doesn't give me a lot of time to campaign," Thompson says.

The election is planned for the 24th of May.

The contest for the position of alderman was also only two votes apart.