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Get fit tip: How to make healthy habits stick

Whether it's reshaping your diet or just getting motivation to go to the gym, forming healthy habits can be hard.

“There’s a saying that says it take 21 days to form a habit and that’s kind of a lie,” Fitness Trainer Tamatha Crowson said. “You have to factor in several things.  For example, the complexity of the actual behavior. The thought patterns that surround the behavior.  There’s all these things that come into play.”  

But Crowson has a 4 step formula to help make those lifestyle changes stick. 

1.    Break down:

“Change only one thing that a time,” Crowson said. “There’s research that says when you try to change one habit, you have about an 80 percent chance at success.  Two habits at a time it drops to about 50. Three habits at a time about 30 percent chance of success.” 

2.    Create rewards:

“Our brains are like little kids,” Crowson said. “We respond very well to rewards. For example, when I get done working out, I have a really yummy protein shake.  That is something my brain has become accustom to.

3.    Create cues:

“Cues are something that reminds us that we are to do the behavior,” Crowson said. “So for example, putting your workout clothes where you can see them in the morning.  It reminds your brain that this is something that I am going to try to do.”

4.    Temptation bundling:

“I’m taking something that I really love, which is listening to the podcast, and putting it with something I don’t really love, which is doing cardio,” Crowson said. “Therefore I have a little bit more incentive.”

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